Chat Bots

Chat Bots

If you have ever tried to contact customer support live chat service, you must have experienced someone from the other side giving prompt response in a while. Sometimes you may feel like there is no human rather it might be a robot.

The dramatic advancement in machine learning technology has made artificial intelligence extraordinarily popular in recent years. Today’s Chatbots like Alexa, Siri and Google voice are much more smart and responsive than earlier available chatbots. There is no doubt there are going to be more in the upcoming time.

What are ChatBots?

Chatbots are software applications designed to simulate conversation with human users through written or spoken human speech. The chatbot is a pre-trained automated program that interacts with customers just like a human does.

Features of Chatbot:

  • Instant response in real-time:
    Chatbots respond to the query in real-time making the conversation responsive. Provides better customer support.

  • Pre-trained programs:
    These AI software are pre-trained to understand the industry and brand-specific terms. It can resolve basic customer requests of the particular industry.

  • Mature conversation:
    As chatbots are pre-trained programs, they can understand the context of the conversation. It is proactive in sicking extra information to clarify questions and answers them smartly. In any service, it’s necessary to understand the intention of the question to provide an accurate answer.

  • 24/7 availability:
    Unless human-driven customer services, Chatbots can provide 24/7 services to the customer that makes their experience smooth and responsive. It also increases customer engagement.

  • Cost-saving:
    Of-course, chatbots are this much famous because they save money. It costs way less to implement chatbot technology than hiring and maintaining a human resource team to provide customer services.

Benefits of Chatbot:

Chatbots are kind of win-win technology in the current era. It benefits both customer and business.

For Customers:

  • Instant response to the query:
    Chatbots make the user experience smooth through its instant response. Customer does not feel ignored or unanswered.
  • Round the clock customer service:
    There are some customer services who provide limited-time service to their customer. In case you need help in odd hours chatbots are there to assist you. Customers can get the desired service at any point of time because of the 24/7 availability.
  • Multiple Language support:
    Chatbots are pre-loaded with the multi-language option so that one can be served in their preferred language. It makes the user experience more convenient by handling customer queries in multiple languages.
  • Zero hassle service:
    If you have ever used the IVR service, you can understand the pain and frustration of staying in loop for a long time to get a single thing done. But Chatbots are way more advance than those boring IVR process. It helps the customer in just blink of their eyes.
  • Improved self-service:
    Chatbots are advanced AI technology that can help users in getting their answers to query on their own. Customer can gather information on their own can resolve issues with the direction of these bots. This helps in keeping a high level of satisfaction to the customer.

For Business:

  • Provides a human touch to your company:
    Assume the amount a business has to spend for setting up a team of experts to provide customer service over chat or voice, just to give the business a human touch. Chatbots can do this for you in fewer expenses. Yes, You read it right. Chatbots are well trained to give human-level interaction to the customer query. No need to hire a specific team to handle common queries as chatbots can do that with similar humour.

  • Increases customer engagement:
    Engaging the customer is the main part to run any business successfully. Researches show the more customer engagement leads to high buyer’s life cycle and it helps to grow the sales up to 40 %. Just like social media, chatbots are also playing their part in engaging customer with real-time response and excellent sense of humour.

  • Automates repetitive simple works and Cost saving:
    No need to have a dedicated team to respond to common queries of customers as implementing a full functioning chatbot is way cheaper than hiring a team and maintaining it. Chatbots can do this more effectively and it will cost you less. Regular activities like scheduling appointments, sending reminders, sending or receiving emails, checking shipment status, making or cancelling orders can be done through this pre-trained technology to save a decent amount of money of yours.

  • Better lead generation and accurate monitoring of data:
    A fully implemented bot can ask the necessary and related questions, to the user and generate a lead for you for future use. Accurate monitoring is also easy through these bots. It also collects customer feedback that a company can use to improve products/services and gaining insight at the same time. It also records the buyer’s journey, purchasing pattern and behaviour of the customer. Analysing these factor business can decide which product/service to re-market or what to pitch next.

Adopting new technology is a must-do in this digitized era. Both business and customers are willing to try something new and trendy. Chatbots are of new generation technology to help you boost your business as well as giving your customer an extraordinary experience of dealing with you. 

If you want to give it a try feel free to contact us for further details. We would love to assist you further.

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