How Bulk SMS Campaign can drive Success in your Business – Smart 5 SMS

How Bulk SMS Campaign can drive Success in your Business – Smart 5 SMS


The only way to stand out in the crowd is by doing something different or innovative that has the potential to drive audience. In Today’s Competitive World, top competition is going on Every Businesses.

Bulk SMS Marketing is a great idea that helps in Mobile Marketing. Through Bulk SMS Campaigns, we can reach near a large no of audience easily. As people are too much attached with their Smart Phones most of time, so this is an opportunity for all Business Owners to get more traffic.

Bulk SMS Service is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective two-way communication to grow your Business through SMS Marketing Campaigns. It helps business to interact and engage with its new and existing customers by sending Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, OTP SMS regarding Product/Service information, Discount or Offers or Promotions, OTP, Informational or Alerts Messages, Booking and Order Alerts etc.

Steps to set up a Campaign for your Business

Below given factors keep in mind before going to set up a successful campaign for your Business.

  • Know Your Audience:
    First of all identify your audience among all customer groups based on factors like Gender, Location, Age, and Past Purchases. According to this information create messages that are relevant and grab customer attention. For positive response, your offering must have the right context and connect with people.
  • Short and Simple Message
    As per TRAI Rule, an SMS allows 160 characters only. So, to make an impression with a limited number of characters, you have to choose words and language which is very important. Always write appropriate and to the point information to make your offerings easily understood by customers.
  • Personalise for a Better Experience
    Personalisation is a better advantage for any Marketing Campaign. It is easy by inserting names and other recipient-specific details. Also set your Company Name as the sender so as to promote your Brand name and image.
  • Use CTA
    Adding website URL or a CTA (Call to Action) button in all SMS will drive action instantly so must use a CTA which lets the recipients know the intent of the message
  • The Right Frequency
    Keep your communication fresh and engaging with customers with right messages. Do SMS campaigns Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Customer Response
    In a Marketing Campaign Time is a key factor so choose the right time to send SMS. Give customers enough time to get back to you. Schedule messages correctly so that messages will deliver according to the given response time.
  • Track and Optimise Your Campaign
    Make your campaign effective by checking periodically for better results. Track the campaign metrics and keep eye on the customer response and ROI (Return on Investment). Send SMS with various offers, mix up time and days, and see how it works and which give better result.
  • Relevant Keywords
    Use relevant keywords in your Campaign and collect customers who need help of these keywords.
  • Organise Database
    Sending messages to old customers can increase the cost of your campaign. By regular checking of database helps you to know which numbers you cannot reach or which are not interested in your offerings. This save your both time and money in the long run process.

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