How Bulk SMS Campaign Helps Industry or Business

How Bulk SMS Campaign Helps Industry or Business


Bulk SMS informing have been drifting for as long as a decade. What's more, while numerous advertisers accept that SMS is dead, it's still a particularly perfectly healthy way to communicate with the customer. It's one of the least demanding and most practical showcasing apparatuses for organizations to associate with their clients on an individual level.

Bulk SMS is an incredible method to draw in and associate with clients and possibilities. Individuals are increasingly receptive to instant messages, and bulk SMS is an extraordinary method to get your business' message over. Regardless of whether you're making clients aware of a scheduled update or hoping to advance your most recent item offering, bulk SMS guarantees your message makes it to your crowd and doesn't get lost among the inbox spam.

What is Bulk SMS?

A process of sending a large number of SMS to the smartphone users in a short time-span where it tends to target a high volume of messages to be sent to a large amount of database is widely known as Bulk SMS service.

How is Bulk SMS getting used by businesses?

Retailers, eCommerce to Banking industries and tech companies are using bulk SMS for campaigns like marketing their products and services. Sometimes bulk SMS service is also used for sharing information with customers.

Some of the uses of bulk SMS:

  • Payment Reminder
  • Thank you notes
  • Updates
  • Payment collections
  • Sharing offer and discount details
  • Asking for feedback and reviews
  • Survey links
  • Application download links
  • Product news and coupon codes
  • One Time Passwords
  • Service notifications

How bulk SMS campaign helps industry and business?

Bulk SMS service for educational institutions:

As an educational organization, do you battle with the need to contact guardians and students with the correct data at the perfect time? Is it accurate to say that you are as yet sending printed reminders and mass mails?
Bulk SMS is a two-way approach to communicate with parents, students and teachers.
With Smart 5 SMS Bulk SMS Service Provider , you can share important information like event notification, classroom updates, upcoming exam notification, fee payment due dates, payment receipt, attendance notification and many more.

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Bulk SMS service for showrooms:

Bulk SMS service is a premium service for showrooms. If you are looking forward to managing your showroom business in an effective manner, then bulk SMS may play a vital role.

Areas of business operations made easy by Bulk SMS service:

  • One Time Password (OTPs)
  • Transaction SMS alert
  • SMS gateways
  • Sending payment reminders
  • ATM withdrawal messages
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Verification and access control process
  • Notifying fraud or alert transaction and many more
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Bulk SMS service for Banking and financial services:

Are you part of a banking institution or Financial service providers looking for connecting with your customers to promote your services but end up in their spam box? As the number of calls and texts from banks is increasing day by day, people are knowingly or unknowingly blocking communications from banks and other financial institutions.

We at Smart5SMS Offering you a super affordable bulk SMS service to connect with your potential customers for below communications?

  • One Time Password (OTPs)
  • Transaction SMS alert
  • SMS gateways
  • Sending payment reminders
  • ATM withdrawal messages
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Verification and access control process
  • Notifying fraud or alert transaction and many more
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Bulk SMS service for Tour and Travel agencies:

Bulk SMS service is essential for tour and travel agencies too. Whether you are running a travel agency or tour guide agency many communications can be taken care of by such as

  • Sending reminders like: quick booking, reservation
  • Confirmation of booking
  • Alert messages
  • Last minute reminders
  • Offers & discounts
  • Wishing happy travel time or journey
  • Asking for feedback
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Bulk SMS service for the Airlines:

Airlines can use bulk SMS service to make there passenger’s journey a simpler one. Bulk SMS takes care of:

  • Sending offers and discount provided by the airline
  • Sending reminders before boarding
  • Alert message
  • Reservation details
  • Confirmation of booking
  • Feedback and reviews text
  • Happy nourney texts

Bulk SMS service for the Hospitality industry:

Bulk SMS services cover a major part of communications in hotels, restaurants and other hospitality sectors.

Today, the Hospitality industry is outfitting to the intensity of text informing to build their deals and business during off pinnacle periods. With the utilization of SMS innovation, the Hotel and Resort industry are scaling the following degree of special movement.

Services Bulk SMS covers for hospitality industries:

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Bulk SMS service for E-commerce:

Our SMS solution service is also useful for E-commerce to provide flawless service experience to your user and customers.

You can connect your buyer and seller with CRM in an effective manner.

By availing bulk SMS service, you can do the following thing better for your buyers.

  • Order confirmation
  • Tracking order
  • Delivery schedule MSGs
  • Delivery SMS
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Bulk SMS service for Govt. sector:

Bulk SMS can work both for Govt and public. Our SMS service can help Govt. organisations to improve service quality and managing the communication with the people.

Below list is the ways how Govt. sectors can use bulk SMS service:

  • Helps reach the people through SMS
  • Provides important informations and services available by Govt to its citizens
  • Candidates can send personalised SMS to the voters in Indian language
  • Local, State and National level public information can be shared through bulk SMS
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Bulk SMS service for Share market:

Share markets also can use bulk SMS service for better communication with thereshare holders. With iur bulk SMS service you can:

  • Update day end position
  • Notify the users about market news
  • Can Send Trade confirmations

Bulk SMS service for railway:

Bulk SMS services are widely by railway sector as well. Sending informations related to ticket reservation, train timing, any change in time table, Cancellation updates are taken care by this service.

Bulk SMS service for IT-enabled services:

IT industry can use bulk SMS service to keep their day to day activities easy. With this service you can:

  • Send server downtime alerts to your clients
  • Integrate ERP system
  • Password reset notification
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Bulk SMS service for courier services:

Text messages bridges the gap between the customer and company. To run a smooth business where communication is the main key, bulk SMS is a pro point. Courier services can use this service to send courier status, booking reference, present status of the packaging tyo their customers

Bulk SMS service forReal estate:

Bulk SMS service is also useful for real estate business. You can do many things not limited to:

  • Sendproperty availability to the potential customers.
  • Advertising new property details
  • Offers and discount
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Tips to successful bulk SMS outputs:

  • Short and precise text:Make sure the character limit should be below 160. More characters can cost you an extra charge, and at the same time, it may seem lengthy to your customer.
  • Mention your business name: Always mention your brand name or business name to get recognised. It looks more professional and decreases the chance of getting a spam alert.
  • Link to website: Always include your business site link in your message.
  • Personalised MSgs: Write the texts in your own word, and address people by their names, refer to an account number or mention the date and time of an event.
  • Track your records: Always track how effective your bulk SMS and how they are working. You can get to know the lead conversation by doing this.


It is important to register in DLT process (Distributed ledger technology) to avail your bulk SMS service.

DLT is a digital system for recording the transaction of assets in which the operations and their details are recorded in multiple places at the same time. There is no central database or storage functionality.

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